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Frequently Asked Questions

The Extended Essay (EE) is a 4,000-word independent research essay on a topic
of your choice, falling within one of the subjects of the IB Diploma Programme. It’s a
significant component of the IB, allowing students to delve into a topic deeply, develop
research skills, and cultivate critical thinking. The EE is a chance to showcase your
passion, understanding, and ability to construct a well-reasoned argument.

TOK offers invaluable skills for intellectual and personal growth. It We believe that a great EE starts with a passionate topic choice. Our experts
work closely with students, understanding their interests and strengths, and then
proposing topics that are both intriguing and academically robust. Our aim is to ensure
that the chosen topic aligns with IB guidelines and resonates with the student’s personal

Absolutely! Whether you’re facing challenges in structuring your essay, finding
credible sources, or refining your arguments, our team can step in at any stage. We’ll
work together to identify the areas that need enhancement and guide you towards a
polished, coherent final draft.

Our team comprises experts familiar with the IB curriculum and the specific
criteria of the Extended Essay. We emphasize understanding the assessment criteria and
ensuring that each essay we guide adheres to these standards. From topic relevance to
argument depth, we make sure your essay is primed for success.

Originality is paramount. We prioritize guiding students in producing authentic
content. While we provide guidance, brainstorming sessions, and feedback, the ideas
and writing come from the student. Additionally, we educate students on proper
citation practices and offer tools to check originality, ensuring the final submission is

Of course! We believe feedback is an essential part of the writing process. Once
your essay is drafted, our experts will review it, offering insights, suggestions, and areas
of improvement. Our goal is to ensure that by the time you submit, you’re confident in
the quality and depth of your work.